Cedar7 Update


We have been coding for several months now on a second generation of the Cedar Stewardship Tools, which we call Cedar7 because it is built upon Drupal v7.


Oct 2013 - Pressure-testing with Kitasoo / Xai'xais Nation

Dec 2013 - Cedar7 will be available to existing Cedar users at a discount

Jan 2014 - Cedar7 available to new clients


A. Mobile-friendly design

  1. Clean, uncluttered pages
  2. Works great on tablets

B. Better communications logging

  1. Same great Mail harvest module for harvesting email (and files) per-Project
  2. Mail harvest now incorporated into a full 'communications' logging for fax, phone call and paper mail

C. Improved Spatial Reports

  1. Interval-based tables - instead of showing a table per-reporting layer, the new Spatial Reports module reports by Interval (e.g. all layer features proximal at 500 m or 5 km)
  2. Cumulative impact report - how does the proposed development application look alongside previous projects (completed, existing and proposed)
  3. Flexible interval setting - system remembers how you configured each report, per Project
  4. Faster map rendering - the new Spatial Reports module uses the Leaflet Javascript library


Take a tour through these screen shots...