GeoMemes Newsletter Sep 2012

It was a busy summer and a long time since we've sent out one of our occasional newsletters. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  1. Summer Intern Profile - Rachel Davel
  2. September Hire - Rob Ellis - Our new Programmer / Network Admin
  3. Wuikinuxv Visit
  4. CIS... CEDAR 2.0
  5. VicWest Community Map Revisions
  6. Vancouver Island Spine Trail Dreaming (and GIS!)

1. Summer Intern Profile - Rachel Davel - [Now Our Coop Student!]

If you stop by our Olde Towne office in Victoria, you're bound to meet our summer intern, the energetic and resourceful Rachel Davel. Rachel helped with several of the projects described in this newsletter. She is going into her fourth year of Geography at the University of Victoria. Passionate about human geography and development, she has recently gained an interest in place-based mapping and digital cartography (Thank-you VicWest!). Update: As of 1st September, Rachel has joined GeoMemes as our Fall 2012 UVic Coop Student - Hooray!

2. September Hire - Rob Ellis - Our new Programmer / Network Admin

We're super excited to have Rob Ellis join the GeoMemes Team. Expert with a full range of programming languages and platforms, Rob has worked on systems and websites for the CBC, TheTyee and BCSEA, to name just a few. Rob's keen on yoga and walking meditation; and he adds yogi-like competency and good humour to the office.

Rob and Rachel in sunlit office

3. CEDAR 2.0

This summer we've taken our open source Community Information System (CIS) and made some significant improvements. More efficiencies! Better maps! We've also re-branded the system "CEDAR". Currently, there are 4 coastal First Nation communities using CEDAR 2.0.

CEDAR is a custom Drupal ( application that is designed to be secure and flexible, used within a First Nation Stewardship office and/or a Band Office. Our clients host CEDAR on their own mini-servers or in our state-of-the-art data centre in Toronto. CEDAR offers secure data storage, efficient data management and the power of centralized, multi-user data analysis and reporting.

The CEDAR features are:

CW - Community Website (news, jobs, elections, photos, maps, artists, art, business profiles);
CR - Community & Relationships (central community relationship management, CRM);
DA - Development Applications (referrals tracking & analysis, files management);
UO - Use & Occupancy (manage TUS data/sites, files management);
FW - Fieldwork (log site visits); and
GI - a robust Geographic Information toolset used by all the other features.

We are actively building new features for CEDAR 3.0. What business intelligence tools do you need? Email for more information, a free consultation and a CEDAR demo:

4. Wuikinuxv Visit

In June, Greg and Charles flew up to Rivers Inlet for a week working with Peter Johnson (Referrals Assessor), Jennifer Walkus (Fisheries Manager) and the rest of the Wuikinuxv Natural Resources managers. We focused our efforts on training and on-site programming some extra functionality to CEDAR; their Stewardship Information Systems. In particular we added some efficiencies to their referrals tracking and analysis process.

It is a great priviledge to visit Jennifer and Peter's very beautiful community. The pictues below show: Approach to Wuikinuxv Lake; Greg beside the Goose; Big House poles; Rick Shaw and canoe carving; Crabbing; Fried whole eulachon; Greg with AStar; Logging block up close; Proposed floatcamp; Frank's "Wolf". Our thanks to Chief councillor Frank Johnson for his hospitality.

Wuikinuxv approachGreg and GooseBig House polesRick Shaw and canoeCrabbingFried whole eulachonGreg with AStarLogging blockProposed floatcampWolf comes to visit!

Wuikinuxv sent us home with a special treat: Sock Eye. Mmm.

Sock EyeSockeye ready for BBQ

5. VicWest Community Visions Map Revisions

Jane BaigentThe VicWest Community Visions Map is a celebrated community visions (assets & dreams) map created by the community of VicWest citizens, GroundWorks Learning Centre (now UVic Community Mapping Initiative,, and local artist Jane Baigent (photo left). You may have seen the map on many VicWest utility boxes.

GeoMemes' super-intern Rachel assisted with the following map revisions in July: updated Victoria Regional Transit bus routes and bicycle lanes, add/removed/moved assets; and added new icon categories such as Placemaking, Traditional Use, Wind Power, Solar Energy, Waste Water Plant, and Water Recycling.

We're thrilled to be part of the VicWest Vision's Map update, and look forward to it being published and wrapped around more utility boxes. We also look forward to submitting it (again) as a map in the global GreenMap initiative (see

A paper copy of the revised draft map is also on display at the Victoria West Community Centre. You can also read more about it here:

6. VI Spine Trail Mapping & Trail Building

The Vancouver Island “Spine” Trail is a proposed trail from Victoria in the south to Cape Scott at the northern tip of the Island. The route is an inland path that passes near many communities, yet retains its wilderness character, follows historic routes and uses some existing trails.

Approximately 700km long, the “Spine” is an adventure opportunity that will provide a recreational route for residents and tourists through the beautiful back country of Vancouver Island. Although it is primarily a hiking trail, some sections of the Spine are suitable for other non-motorized use, e.g. mountain bikes, horses, and skis. The route traces mountain ridges, passes through forests and alongside lakes, and is similar to other successful long-distance routes in North America.

GeoMemes has joined the Vancouver Island "Spine" project with both brains and brawn.  We have helped with their website in the past, and recently have utilized Google Earth's mapping software to delineate existing, in-progress, proposed, and "dream" trails.

In August, Charles took part in building a section of the trail known as Tuck Lake Trail, which runs from the northern shore of Francis Lake winding and over to Tuck Lake and ending five kilometres west of Cowichan Lake. 

For more information about the Vancouver Island "Spine" Trail, you can visit