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Powerful stweardship data management tools for you staff


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Used by 12 First Nations in BC, Cedar helps staff log, analyse and respond to crown land referrals. Key functions are the automatic per-proposal email harvesting and custom spatial reports.


  • Contacts Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Development Projects
  • Heritage Projects
  • GIS


Accessible - Cedar is a web application that runs within your office intranet
Collaborative - Several staff can use the system simultaneously
Secure - External connections can be established via secure tunnel
Robust - Cedar is built using Druapl 7 open-source content management software, and sits on top of a professional LAPP stack: Debian Linux; Apache; Postgres; PHP
Flexible - Cedar is customized to your database needs and workflow
Extensible - Cedar is modular, and new features are constantly being developed
Business intelligence - Evaluate impact by running spatial reports against your ecological and heritage GIS layers
Mobile friendly - Designed and coded "responsively" fit neatly on either your workstation or your tablet
Local - Cedar runs off a web appliance, a small mini-server we call a Cedar Box


  1. Contacts - All your team's person/organization contacts in one place
  2. Development - Track and respond to Projects (referrals, development proposals, on-going projects)
  3. GIS - Load up and explore spatial data for individual Projects, and analysis layers (e.g. wildlife, forestry, development zones)
  4. Spatial Reports - Click to quickly generate proximity and overlap reports
  5. Heritage - Manage your cultural information, including appending GIS data and multimedia files (audio, vidio) from interviews

Contacts features

  • Upload Contacts from CSV file
  • Link Contacts, Organizations and Projects (e.g. click a Contact and see a list of related Projects)

Development features

  • Track communications, automatically harvests emails and files to relevant Project
  • Upload all files
  • Track discussion within team
  • Upload Project location(s) via Shapefile, GPX, KML, Lat/Long
  • Information for each Project is shown on a dashboard with the following tabs: General Info; Workflow; Comms; Files; Maps; Response letters; Invoices

GIS Features

  • Upload GIS layers via Shapefile, GPX, KML, Lat/Long
  • Review, explore, edit layers and layer features

Spatial Reports Features

  • Enter a Cedar Project ID
  • Select from list of all uploaded GIS layers
  • Click 'Generate Report' and a proximity table and map is generated

Cedar7 Images


Cedar7 per_project screenshot

Cedar7 Project workflow tab (customized to Coastal FN workflow)


CedarBox server applicance (RAID1 mirrored drives, LAPP stack)
CedarBox server applicance


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