Crop Residue Burning Permit System

Peak HydroMet Solutions & Province of Manitoba
Year completed: 

Andy Nadler of Peak Hydromet contacted us with a request for a simple to use map-enabled crop residue permitting system. Manitoba Government representatives issue hundreds of permits every year to control the timing of crop residue burning so that smoke does not obstruct public roadways or create problems for neighbouring residents.

We worked with Andy to mock up a new 5-step application form with error checking and geocoding to retrieve parcel centroid latitude/longitude. The application system also has Google Captcha authentication (spam control) and email notifications for farmers and government delegates.

The second part of the system is the review tool, which allows a Manitoba Government representative to review and issue/reject a permit application. The app has built-in links to weather forecasting for the area of the permit.

The last part of the system allows for printing of all outstanding permits, so that partners (law enforement) can obtain an up-to-date copy of where burning is authorized.

Technical summary: PostGIS database, Django and GeoDjango framework, Python code.

The team at GeoMemes were great to work with! They came with ideas and the right expertise to successfully execute the project.