FN Careers & Education Survey & Database

Metlakatla First Nation
Year completed: 

Our First Nations client wanted a Careers survey tool with the following features:

  1. Private: no Survey Monkey, please
  2. Reusable: Staff can send out the Survey to new Members and can ask Members to update their Survey response
  3. Explorable: Staff needed to be able to search/filter for which Members might be interested
  4. Send targeted emails: System needs to send emails to a subset (or all) Members returned in a search
  5. Inexpensive: the system should use tools that do not require

We built a Drupal 7 website for the client and imported their Membership database. We then built a survey content type with fields (Questions) compiled by Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi (http://www.hunt-jinnouchienterprises.com/). We developed Drupal Views to explore the database (Survey questionnaire responses) and added a Mail module to allow staff to email Members with training and job announcements.