IRIS - A Range Management Portal

Allen Dobb Consulting & BC MFLNRO
Year completed: 

Over this 18 month project, led by domain expert Allen Dobb, GeoMemes designed and developed a Portal for exploring and maintaining a rich range management knowledge base for provincial government staff. The resulting Portal, now in a broad testing phase, has powerful browse and search capabilities covering the following topics: range science and technology, range administration, range legislation, range policy and range procedures. It has a dedicated Learning section, but the Portal itself is meant to be a open learning tool. The Portal includes some nifty features like 2-way page references to show users what content mentions a particular Policy or Procedure; a rich media directory; and, of course, custom maps.

GeoMemes also produced a 50-page Manual and a 1-page internal promotional poster.

Portal highlights: custom hierarchical menus; Quick links, Phto gallery; Notices with notification; Page maps; Hierarchical Site Map, Map Atlas, rich Media system; Learning modules with Video

Technical details: Drupal CMS, PostGIS database, custom modules; Manual and Poster produced using Adobe InDesign