Sharing Backyards

Year completed: 

Sharing Backyards encourages urban gardening by connecting those who have space to garden and are willing to share with those who would like to have a gardening space. The program makes maximum use of city space by making sure that even those who dwell in apartments, condos, and shared housing have ample place to garden. It connects neighbours of different socio-economic conditions together in a atmosphere of trust while doing something that beautifies the homeowner's yard and provides food for everyone.

So what makes an effective sharing backyards program? Location, location, location! The program links people who are geographically close to each other. A garden that is close to where the gardener lives is more likely to receive the love and care it needs to thrive. Geomemes created uses web-mapping technology to deliver a very intuitive interactive online map where users can instantly see which listings provides a potential partner.

Contact: Christopher Hawkins, Project Manager, Sharing Backyards, Lifecycles Project Society, Victoria BC Canada +1-250-385-3933