Video map kiosk

Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre
Year completed: 

An interactive information station with 3 interactive digital web-maps, controlled by a touch monitor which tells 'stories' about the Cowichan River watershed:

  1. History (forest/agricultural industry and the dams and weirs)  (survey maps)
  2. Flows & climate change (video) historical data
  3. Fish  
  4. Biodiversity & Riparian habitat
  5. Ecosystem services  - water quality
  6. Governance: Cowichan Tribes culture and traditional territory, roles and responsibilities of various governments.
  7. Estuary Management Plan

The kiosk links to the Cowichan Community Green Map and Community Mapping Network’s Cowichan Watershed Atlas, which open in browser windows.

Visitors can zoom and pan to explore sites of interest on each map: when they click on features, a pop-up window appears, showing more information (photos, text and video).. Nature House staff are able to add more sites of interest.

A binder was created for the Nature House staff: “How to Add More Map Features to the System” including the Green Map system.